The Adventure begins!

Nicolas is ready to race!

All of the preparations is done. The Morocco Desert Challenge can begin. Start tomorrow Saturday, 13th of April.




Different Competitors from the four various categories are also in preparation. The paddock is very impressive and worth for a visit.


New colors

for his KTM 450 RR


In particular it was necessary to put the new colors on the bike, to make the administrative and technical controls, to condition all his equipment for an optimal course of the race that it is for the days of race as for the nights of bivouac.


Nicolas is serene. He wants to take his KTM Rally to Saidia in the most optimal conditions. In rallye we fight against ourselves not against others. Nothing more beautiful than to be one with your machine and spin like the wind! A need for permanent escape and a great desire to share for Nicolas.

We hope to bring back many images on our website of this wonderful adventure.

Nicolas ,: "Saturday's stage already makes my hair bristle, 25 km of beach from the start of the special, impossible not to disconnect in its conditions. Along the sea on a motorcycle with a wide open throttle, flat out and hello the adrenaline. The speed will be around 160 km/h (100mph) and will require a high concentration. Oh yes! I forgot, do not confuse speed and precipitation.


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